Three Avenues for Health Coach Assistance

'Live' Phone Coaching

Pops Health provides 'live' phone coaching for its members. This convenient method of health coaching is available five days a week, 12 hours a day. These 'live' coaches are highly skilled at assisting members in setting goals, and working toward the achievement of specific health and wellness objectives. In addition, if you are having any difficulty navigating the website, feel free to call Pops for assistance.

Pops Health toll free: 1-888-900-7677

On-site Health Coaching

Pops Health provides on-site coaching to its customers. Coaching dates and times are predetermined by Pops and scheduled through the HR manager or Wellness Coordinator for your business. We encourage you to speak with your HR department to determine when Pops Health Coaches will be on site. You can also call Pops, at the toll free number below, to establish coaching hours and appointment availability.

Email Coaching

Pops Health provides traditional email answers to question from Members. Our 'live' coaches handle these questions, assuring the quality of coaching remains high, regardless of the delivery method.

Coming Soon: 'Live' Chat

Pops Health will soon debut 'live' internet chat rooms for its members. These chats target specific areas of interest and provide great personal interaction on specific areas of health and wellness. Participation in 'live' chats can be both enjoyable as well as highly informative. We encourage every member to participate in a 'live' chat forum and webinar to experience the effectiveness of common interests and solutions for health and wellness issues for members.